14 Charming Places You Need to See in Rimini

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

* Visit the Old Center

* Cross the Ponte di Tiberio

* Watch a Movie at the Cinema Fulgor

* See Castel Sismondo

* Visit the Tempio Malatestiano

* Cross Under the Arco d’Augusto

* Visit the Piazza Tre Martiri

* Visit the Piazza Cavour

* Visit Sant'Arcangelo

* Do a Tour or See a Show at Teatro Galli

* Visit the Borgo San Giuliano

* Relax on Rimini Beach

* Cycle in Rimini

* Go to Nearby San Marino

The biggest surprise I had during my visit to Rimini was that the city has a truly fascinating old center. In this blog, you will find almost all the important places and tips that show a centuries-old history. From a Roman bridge to the cinema where Federico Fellini watched his first movies: Rimini has full of history, right? Come on, let's take a look at Rimini together, without making you wait any longer!

Visit the Old Center

When I walked through the center I also saw a lot of nice shops. I think you can really do good shopping here. It is good for my wallet that I didn’t have time for that. The old center is quite small; you can walk from one side to the other in about 10 or 15 minutes. So you have seen all the highlights this way.

Cross the Ponte di Tiberio

The marble bridge Ponte di Tiberio is one of the oldest tourist attractions in the city. This monumental building dates from 20 AD. Therefore, we can call the bridge a 2000 year old bridge. It was also the only bridge on the Marecchia River that was not destroyed by the retreating German armies.

Watch a Movie at the Cinema Fulgor

It will surprise you to see a cinema on this list, but yes, it is among the most enjoyable activities you can do in Rimini. I didn't have time to come to Rimini with my friends, but I want to take a third trip to Rimini just to watch a good movie. Therefore, if your time is comfortable during our stay at Riminide, I strongly recommend you to watch a movie at Cinema Fulgor. The interior of the cinema is enchanting and completely decorated in classic style. In this cinema, the famous director Federico Fellini from Rimini watched his first films. (In fact, you can do an entire Fellini-themed tour of Rimini here)

Before 2018, cinema didn't look that glamorous. The reason for this is that the decoration inspired by Fellini's creative films was finished in 2018.

See Castel Sismondo

You can see that in Castel Sismondo it is mainly a defensive function. The reason for this is that the castle's appearance is not exaggerated. The castle was built in 1437 by the lord of Rimini, Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta. In ancient times, there was originally a large moat around the castle.

Construction is said to have taken 15 years, after which Malatesta lived here until his death. Fun fact: There are no windows on the town side of the castle because the man was afraid he might even be attacked from his town. It wasn't very popular.

Visit the Tempio Malatestiano

This unfinished church is one of the churches that has become one of the most important symbol in Rimini. Like the castle I described above, this church is named after the man who ordered it to be (re) built: Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta.

You may find that Tempio Malatestiano is unfinished from the top part. As you can see, behind the white marble facade is an original 13th century church. The plan was to have a dome similar to that of the Pantheon in Rome on top of this church.

But unfortunately, the church was never finished because Malatesta was excommunicated from Rimini and his wealth declined so he could no longer afford it. After his death in 1468, construction officially stopped. Additionally, Sigismondo Pandolfo and his wife Isotta were buried in the church.

It's a quiet, cool, calm white building compared to the deep midnight blue of the mosaic churches and also it is one of the UNESCO's World Heritage sites in Ravenna.

Cross Under the Arco d’Augusto

The Arch of Augustus is an arch that was built by Emperor Augustus in 27 BC, and was meant to mark the end of the Via Flaminia. This was an important road that connected the cities of Romagna and Rome. The city gate is particularly large for that time, and it is suspected that it was because there was no threat at that time, and therefore there was no need for a gate that could close.

The battlements on top of the gate date from the 10th century. The gate remained part of the city walls, until the Mussolini regime tore down the city wall, and the gate remained standing as a monument.

Visit the Piazza Tre Martiri

Piazza Tre Martiri has always been the center of Rimini. Here you were stopping by Foro Romano, a Roman-era marketplace. It is even said that Julius Caesar gave an important speech in this square. In order to preserve these traditions, a bazaar is set up in this square every week on Sunday.

You can also see from the Roman-era excavations that the Roman street of that time was in exactly the same place. So you're literally walking on a street where people have been walking for 2000 years, how special and charming isn't it?

The tower in the square is the Torre dell'Orologio from later times: 1547.Until 1945, the square was called Piazza Giulio Cesare. The square is named after three Italian resistance fighters who were executed in this square on 16 August 1944.

Visit the Piazza Cavour

Another important square of Rimini (which is more beautiful than the photos I have put) is Piazza Cavour. During the Middle Ages, this square served the city as a commercial center. On one side of the square you will find Palazzo Grampi (1562), Roman-Gothic Palazzo dell'Arengo (1204) and Palazzo del Podesta (1330).

At the beginning of the square you will find Teatro Galli (see below). On the other side of the square you can see the old fish market (1747) and many restaurants and cafes. Also in this square you will find monuments to Pope Paul V and a 16th-century fountain that was the only source of drinking water in the city until 1912.

The square is very beautiful during the day. In the evening, it seemed to have an even more romantic atmosphere to me.

Visit Sant'Arcangelo

Sant'Arcangelo is a stunning medieval town with classic soft Italian street lights about 20 minutes' drive from Rimini's old town. A turbulent woman sings heartily in the city square, and the village-like atmosphere of this quaint town makes it a very popular destination, although most of the tourists we see are Italians from other parts of Italy.

The town is known for its relationship with the famous Italian director Federico Fellini who was born here. Reminders of him and screenwriter Tonino Guerra appear in town.

Sant'Arcangelo has great boutiques, including Pascucchi and Marchhi printers that print on wooden blocks in a distinctive orange terra cotta tone (stores are closed Thursday and afternoon from 12:30 to 3:30 pm).

It is said to be the first place where they made the Sangiovese wine. We were lucky enough to sneak into the cellar where there were 3,000 bottles of wine.

See a Show at Teatro Galli

The beautiful Teatro Galli was opened in 1857 by the composer Giuseppe Verdi. Rimini has never been a city with a great opera tradition. However, the theater still played an important role in the city. Unfortunately, the theater was destroyed during the bombing in the Second World War.

The theater took no less than 75 years to reopen, so the theater started to serve again in 2018. The building now looks like it was once in its heyday. You cannot visit the inside of the theater as a tourist. If you want to see it, you will need to dress up as in old times and come to the watch a theater.

Visit the Borgo San Giuliano

If you pass Ponte di Tiberio from the center, you will reach Borgo San Giuliano district, which was a cute fishing village in ancient times. In the 11th century, it was a fishing village that lay outside the Rimini city walls, where life was poor. However, in the 20 th century, the region was included in the growing city.

It is one of the reasons why I did my second trip to Rimini. When I first arrived, I did not have the opportunity to see this magnificent tiny town. I think this city has a very romantic atmosphere. Think about it: narrow colorful streets with cobblestones and squares with street art inspired by the work of Federico Fellini, who was born in this neighborhood. Tip: Go to Via Marecchia and walk into the neighborhood.

Relax on Rimini Beach

Of course, you choose to visit Rimini and because of that you cannot skip the beach day. It is not for nothing that it is Italy's most famous beach resort. As a big fan of sunbathing, I devoted one morning to this activity. You can also take a nice walk by the beach. Rimini has a beach of almost 15 kilometers and the side, it has promenade. You will also find many restaurants and beach clubs on the promenade.

Cycle in Rimini

It's also one of the cool things to do in Rimini: ride a bike. There were a lot of bike paths and it was easy to explore the city by bike. If you have chosen to stay in the city for more than two days, it will be a very nice experience to rent bicycles and ride a bike to the hills of the city. Furthermore, walking to the beach can take quite a long time (20 minutes), so there is nothing better than renting a bike and going there by bike.

Go to Nearby San Marino

San Marino is not in Rimini. But it is very close. You can even see it from the city center because it is located right on the hill. You will get there in half an hour by car.

San Marino is one of the smallest countries in the world and, moreover, the oldest republic in the world. It has a beautiful view on the top of a mountain. I definitely recommend you to visit the capital with its beautiful winding streets and towers.


"Talking about dreams is like talking about movies. Years can pass in a second, and you can hop from one place to another."

That's what Federico Fellini, the legendary Italian director behind La Dolce Vita says. Perhaps, like everyone else, we may notice that he is talking about cinema, but what is important in this statement is that can we understand that he is talking about his life in his hometown of Rimini?

I hope this travel guide has been a productive resource for you.

You can reach further information about Rimini by the following link: https://www.riminiturismo.it/en

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