All you should know about "Italian Miami" Rimini

Rimini is a city that exceeded all my expectations. For most people, Rimini is known primarily as a beach and party place. In my first visit, I had the classic perception of Rimini and because of that reason, I did not visit the city much. On my second visit, I was very surprised to see what a charming old city center the city is. Rimini is a great vacation spot to visit for a day or two. You will find the best information and suggestions on sights, restaurants and good things to do in Rimini!

Where is Rimini located?

Rimini is a seaside resort in the Adriatic Sea in the province of Emilia-Romagna in eastern Italy.

The city has a population of approximately 150,000.

Also, Rimini has its own airport. It can also be reached by train as another way of travel. Travel by train, for example, takes less than an hour from Bologna.

Why do we need to choose Rimini for our next vacation?

In order to better understand the place to visit, I think it is necessary to have prior knowledge and history of the place. This gives you more insight into the city's destinations and attractions. Thus, in Rimini's past ...

Rimini is very old and was founded by the Romans in 268 BC. Later the city was named Ariminum. There were three important roads around the city connecting the city to northern and central Italy. Due to this location, the city has become more and more effective. In addition, Rimini could trade between the port and the hinterland.

In the early Middle Ages, the city passed under the rule of the Malatesta family. The family ruled in the city from 1295 to 1503, until the city was under the Popes. The most important tourist sites of the city were built either by the Romans or by the Malatesta family.

The first beach clubs were built in 1845, and since then, Rimini has been a popular tourist destination. The stylish Grand Hotel is the first beachfront hotel to open in the early 20th century. During the Second World War, Rimini was significantly damaged by bombing. During the reconstruction of the city, great importance was attached to the development of tourism.

When to visit Rimini?

August is the month when beach parties start for Rimini, and the beach gets more and more crowded from July to September. Seawater is around 24-26 °C. Spring and summer are the most enjoyable months to explore the cultural side of Rimini Old Town and ride a bike through the hills.

Some of the best restaurants in Rimini

Even if you go somewhere without knowing to eat in Italy, it is very difficult for the food to be tasteless because Italians are known for their cuisines. In this part, I will recommend a few restaurants in Rimini.

* Trattoria La Marianna

* Lo Zodiaco Rimini

* Hashimoto Ristorante Giapponese

* Restaurant Prua Rimini

* Chef Burger

Eat Rimini's Most Famous Street Food, a Piadina

It has become so common now that you can find a delicious one even in any supermarket.

The truth is that Rimini is different from all other places in Romagna.

People that are living in Rimini do not eat piadas from Cesena and vice versa.

It's a matter of taste but above all a matter of tradition.

But now let's get to the core of this post, namely where you should go to eat the best piada in Rimini.

• La Casina del Bosco

• Dall a Lella

• Nud e Crud

• Dalla Ilde

• Amarina

Eat Torta dei Morti Death Cake in November

While it's possible to do Torta dei morti at any time of the year, people in Rimini prefer to do it in November. It is prepared on the day following the Day of the Dead and Saints' Day, celebrated on November 2, and until November.

Cappuccino e Torta dei Morti farts at Pasticceria Il Duomo

(Click here for the recipe)

Eat Riminese Cheese

At Paola & Serafino's shop at the Mercato Centrale Coperto, they sell cold cuts, cheeses, and fabulously fresh and warm Pugliese bread. There is also a range of cheeses available including Fossa cheese which is aged in caves. The caves are inside houses and aged from Spring until November. This cheese is a sheep's milk cheese best served with marmalade, honey, and cipollini onions.

Another cheese is made near the border of Rimini. Similar to pecorino it is sweet and nutty. And squacquerone is a divinely soft and fluffy milk cheese that oozes and spreads perfectly.

The most important one is dining at Guido's

The welcome is warm and brothers Gian Paolo and Luca Raschi greet customers at the door. Gian Paolo is the chef and Luca looks after the floor. The beachfront restaurant is named after their grandfather Guido who was the first person to serve food and drink after the second world war. The predominantly seafood restaurant has held its Michelin star for 10 years.

The meal is delicate and the treatment to all the seafood deft. The flavors never overpower the seafood. From a pretty appetizer to the ever-present Canocchia squid fished out of the shell. It is steamed and served with broth and garlic parsley bread. There's red mullet Capone local fish on mushrooms with Saint trumpeter mushrooms with "topiambo" (Jerusalem artichoke) cream.

You can end the savories with a historical dish from their mother's kitchen, a sea bass cooked only on the skin side with red wine vinegar, onion, celery cream, and celeriac. It melts in the mouth.

They also match food with local wines like a Follia Cuvee which is a sparkling wine made with chardonnay and Pagadebit grapes from the hills nearby. Exquisite.

Chef Gian Paolo Raschi

I hope this travel guide has been a fruitful resource for you.

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